Scramble Says, “Six More Weeks of Winter”

This morning, Scramble the Duck predicted six more weeks of winter. Although it was very cold, loyal fans made the trek out to Eastford to see Scramble give his prognostication.

As the opening speech was read, it mentioned the history of weather predicting and mentioned that the better way was Scramble the Duck. The doors of the model Ivy Glenn were opened, and Scramble waddled down the red carpet. Immediately after, Scramble looked for his shadow, and found it. The prediction announcement was read, forecasting six more weeks of winter. Scramble has made five predictions, including this one, and as always been accurate.

Whatever be your desire,
Be snow or cold or rain
I saw my shadow today
The answer is very plain.
Six More Weeks of Winter!
Scramble the Duck, February 2, 2019

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