Duck Jokes

That will Quack you up

What did Scramble predict on Duck Day?

Foul Weather.

What Holiday Do Irish Ducks celebrate?

St. Quack-trick’s Day.

Who is Scramble’s favorite President?

Andrew Quack-son, seventh president of the United States.

What is Scramble’s favorite Fairy Tale?

Quack and the Beanstalk.

What is Scramble’s favorite Novel?

Moby Duck.

What is Scramble’s favorite Arcade Game?


What kind of movies does Scramble watch?


What does Scramble do on Thanksgiving?

Quack Corn.

What is Scramble’s favorite Restaurant?

Quacker Barrel.

What does Scramble eat for Breakfast?

Quack-er Oats.

Why is Scramble Famous?

Because he is a Celebri-Duck.

What states “All ducks are created Equal”?

The Duck-laration of Independence.

When does Scramble make his prediction?

At the Quack of Dawn.

What does Scramble eat for Snacks?

Cheese and Quackers.

Where did Scramble tell his prediction?

On the Feather Forecast.

Where does Scramble go when he is sick?

To the Duck-tor.

When Scramble went to Stormy Heights Academy, what did he put his School Books in?

His Quack-pack.

Who stole Scramble’s Soap?

The Robber Ducky! (The Duck-tective Quacked the case.)

What did Scramble get at the Restaurant?

A Big Bill.

Where did Scramble share his Jokes?

On his WEB-site.

What happens when you tell Scramble a Joke?

He quacks up.

When Scramble was in the Rubber Duck Store he heard this conversation:

Customer: How much does this Duck cost?

Storekeeper: Ten Dollars.

Customer: OK, can you send me the bill?

Storekeeper: No, you'll have to take the whole Duck.

When Scramble was walking down the street, he met a man and a duck.

The man saw a low flying airplane. He yelled, “Duck!” The Duck looked back and yelled “Man!”

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