Scramble predicts “Early Spring”

Today at 7:30 a.m., Scramble the duck made his accurate prediction. After careful investigation for a shadow, he directed his handlers to declare that there will be an early spring.

The opening speech, read by Benjamin Torcellini, noted the shortcomings of groundhogs and the superior weather predictions of Scramble the Duck. Quoting Mark Twain, Torcellini noted, “The weather is always doing something [in New England]; always attending strictly to business; always getting up new designs and trying them on the people to see how they will go.” He preceded to discuss Scramble and his perfect accuracy. Unlike groundhogs, Scramble has predicted the unruly weather of New England well for many years. Afterwards, the doors of the model Ivy Glenn were opened, and Scramble walked down the red carpet and preceeded to predict the weather.

Scramble looked carefully for his shadow and directed to his handlers a scroll containing his prediction. In the scroll read by handler Aaron Minor, Scramble forecasted early spring weather. The absence of a shadow prompted Scramble to declare that spring would come early during the coming six weeks. Minor noted that Scramble has a proven record of perfect accuracy. After establishing this, Minor moved to the prediction, telling followers of Scramble, “Warmth is on the way. An early spring—a gift to you. No shadow! Happy day!”

In addition, Scramble was presented with a citation from the Connecticut General Assembly. State Senator Jeff Gordon, while gifting the citation, congratulated Scramble on his contributions to Eastford citizens.

Scramble looks forward to the warming weather.

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