Meet Scramble!

Every year, Nutmeggers (human and duck) wake up on February 2 awaiting Punxsutawney Phil’s and Chuckles the groundhog’s prediction. Connecticut must know the season’s timing for when to plant crops and gardens, shovel snow, buy springtime clothing, and more. Year after year, Nutmeggers have been plagued by the fact that groundhogs are usually wrong.

Scramble sitting in the snow

I’m Scramble the Duck. I am an accurate alternative to the groundhog. I decided that rather than flying south like most ducks for winter, I would stay up in Connecticut all year. I did this because I have decided to predict the weather in a similar way to Punxsutawney Phil as an alternative.

I’m out all year in the ice, wind, rain, and snow—that makes me much more connected with the weather. Consequently, I am much more accurate (100%—beats even the “scientists”).

I was the only duckling that hatched and was quite lonely. I adopted his handlers as my friends, and I became quite friendly toward people with all the interaction and playtime.

I then received an education at Stormy Heights Academy, the superior academy for weather predictors. I graduated as the valedictorian of the class of 2014. Right after, I put my knowledge to the test.

Scramble's diploma from Stormy Heights Academy

February 2, 2015—ice and cold prevented me from predicting at the Ivy Glenn Memorial, but that didn’t stop me! I was determined! Sure enough, as I emerged, before me was a shadow. The next day, I went down to the Ivy Glenn Memorial and told everyone what I had seen: a shadow—six more weeks of winter. That year turned out to be one of the coldest and longest winters in a century.

More and more people over the years have come to Duck Day to hear the truth about weather. Kids and their parents to local politicians show up every year, coming for a community event that brings warmth to the darkest days of winter.

Signed, Scramble the Duck

Who is Scramble?

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, Scramble is the most accurate weather-predicting duck in the Northern Hemisphere and possibly the World (capitalization adjusted). Scramble predicts the weather every year, in a fashion like Punxsutawney Phil, Chuckles the Groundhog, and others. Scramble has predicted the weather since 2015, obtaining a correct prediction each time, making him 100% accurate.

When and Where is Duck Day?

Duck Day is at 7:30 a.m. on February 2.

It is held at the Ivy Glenn Memorial, 179 Rt. 198, Eastford, Connecticut.

Ivy Glenn Memorial

What is Scramble's Favorite season?

Scramble loves all the seasons!

In the spring he gets to swim with extra water.

In the summer he gets to swim and browse for worms.

In the fall he gets to play in the leaves.

In the winter he gets to play in the snow.