About Scramble

About the fabulous weather-predicting duck.

Who is Scramble?

Scramble is a weather-predicting duck. He predicts the weather in much the same way that Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck, Connecticut Chuckles, and others predict the weather. He has predicted the weather for four years, obtaining a correct prediction all four times. In recent years, he has become somewhat of a local celebrity, attracting many people, including town and state officials.

What is Duck Day?

Duck Day is the day (every February Second), when Scramble comes out and predicts the weather in front of the Ivy Glenn Building in the Center of Eastford.

When and Where is Duck Day?

Duck Day is every February Second at 7:30 A.M. It is held at the Eastford Public Library building, also known as the Ivy Glenn Memorial Building.

Who would enjoy Duck Day?

Virtually anybody. Pictured is State Representative Pat Boyd after presenting a citation from the Connecticut General Assembly.

Pat Boyd at Duck Day

Photo credit: Paul Torcellini

What is Scramble’s Favorite season?

Scramble loves all the seasons!

In the spring he gets to swim with extra water.

In the summer he gets to swim and browse for worms.

In the fall he gets to play in the leaves.

In the winter he gets to play in the snow.