Winter Speech 2019

“Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!”
Says Scramble the Supreme,
One February 2, two thousand and nineteen!
“Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
My shadow I see
So if you want the warmth to come,
Move to Tennessee
This is the most unpopular
Of what I anticipate,
But you will soon believe me
When it precipitates.
The snow will fall,
The wind will blow,
The plows will plow,
The mowers won’t mow.
The clouds will blow,
The snow will start,
Yes, this is true,
Scramble’s smart.
Scramble says to all of you
Soon the snow will start.
Hurry, and go buy
Your snowy stuff at Wal-Mart.
Valentine’s day is coming,
But soon the ice will start.
In just 12 days it will be cold,
When you see your sweetheart.
The icy roads are coming soon,
The snow plows are coming, too.
“More winter means more taxes,”
Says the Collector of Town Revenue.
The cold is coming fast,
Slush, cold, wind, and snow,
You may have wanted Early Spring,
But now huddle in your Bungalow.
“Whatever be your desire,
Be snow or cold or rain
I saw my shadow today
The answer is very plain.”
Six More Weeks of Winter!