Winter Speech 2023

Delivered by Aaron Minor at Duck Day.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Scramble has decreed
On this day, the 2nd of February:
“My shadow, I do see.”

I can hear your sighs, your groans,
Your exasperations and your shrieks,
Knowing from winter, this season of dread,
Is extended six more weeks.

Scramble has fully spoken,
My friend, there is no turning back.
Winter will continue,
You can trust my knowing “Quack.”

But take heart you cold and weary,
Says Scramble: “Good news!
Six weeks will go by before you know it,
Soon, an end to winter blues.

“You may not understand me,
For I only speak fluent ‘Duck.’
But trust me when I tell you,
Forty-two more days of snowy bad luck

As the mercury slowly drops,
Remember my words this morning.
No groundhog could prophesy,
These declarations and forewarnings.

So mark my words, dear Eastford:
More winter’s coming — this I see.
An extended season, bad news, for sure,
My shadow! Woe is me!”