Winter Speech 2022

Delivered by Isaac Torcellini at Duck Day.

In grateful duty I must prognosticate
For I hope on this wint'ry morn, truth be known.

The sun o're the hillside comes, make haste! make haste!
The sun, its rays have in glorious splendor shone.

But to what end? I ask myself. Is it true?
The presence of a shadow in full display?

Falsehoods, what terror! from them I must eschew.
The weather clear? or must clouds block rays of day?

The sun does rise, the light descends, to touch the earth;
The clouds, in force, may block this light, prevents sun.

The lack of light, prediction's force, brings winter's dearth;
That warmth of heaven descends; the thaw is done.

But lack of cloud---the shadow seen, in fullness
When, from earth's rotation, spins us to light

That sun is present, light blocked, brings dusk in fullness---
Dusk below me signs winter's continued fight.

But which one shall I behold: winter or spring?
Determined by sun ray's light, or its blockage:

May truth be known---may science show---with bringing
Light and weather together now: cold, or warmth?

Upon the egress from my house at first sight
I looked 'round for knowledge found of warmth or cold.

The findings, I tell, Hear ye! a shadow bright!
Storms of winter shall continue six weeks more!

Six More Weeks of Winter, it shall be!