Scramble the Duck’s Winter Prediction Proved Accurate

With the days of spring beginning, the snowstorms and cold weather throughout the past six weeks show that Scramble the Duck, Jr.’s prediction was accurate.

Scramble predicted six more weeks of wintery weather on February 2. The following blizzards and cold temperatures showed Scramble’s strong ability to forecast the weather provided an accurate prediction.

While Scramble the Duck, Jr. predicted the weather for the first time, the training from the credible Stormy Heights Academy as well as the mentoring of his predecessor showed the importance of rigorous education in weather prognostication.

While other weather predictors in Connecticut and throughout the United States predicted an early spring, Scramble’s accurate judgement once again showed the credibility of Eastford’s weather predictor.

Scramble is pleased to present an accurate prediction to the people of Connecticut and elsewhere and looks forward to future service to his community.

Eastford’s weather predictor has made eight predictions and has always been accurate.

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