Scramble the Duck’s Winter Prediction Proved Accurate

Today, at the end of Scramble’s winter prediction, the remaining cold weather shows Scramble’s accuracy.

Scramble the Duck, on February 2, 2021, predicted six more weeks of wintery weather. The following blizzards and cold temperatures quickly proved again Scramble’s never-disproven intelligence. The scientific community, once again, stands amazed at Scramble’s infallible grasp of the arts of science.

In a statement to his team, Scramble said,

I am glad to provide certainty in my prediction after a very uncertain year. I have no ability to change weather, but I am always glad to inform my fellow New Englanders of the coming weather. Uncertainty creates the greatest anxiety, and after an uncertain year, the weather was no place for further uncertainty. I am glad to help in a small way in this cause, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Scramble has made seven predictions and has always been accurate.

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