Scramble Proved Correct Again

Scramble has been proved correct yet again. Scramble the duck predicted six more weeks of winter on February 2, 2020. At first it was warm, but people realized Scramble was right. As the truth became clear, some rushed to the store to stock up on essentials, preparing to stay at home as if for a long blizzard. Scramble, once again, has proven his 100% accuracy.

In a statement to his team, Scramble said,

I would never have imagined that my prediction was so significant. This is not just a blizzard of frozen water, but rather a blizzard of disease and human fear. I foresaw that something of great importance was about to happen, something would cause people to hunker down; and I have been actively involved with finding solutions. My colleagues have been collaborating with authorities to help in this fight. Right now, we encourage everybody to take public health authorities' advice seriously and help end this winter-like condition.

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